The Laughing Cow on the move for an international Solidarity Action

On April 16, a day’s production will be fully devoted to donations to ground players all over the world -hospitals, healthworkers, - and underprivileged populations

Every day, healthcare workers are fighting to face the global pandemic that is impacting the health and lives of families, particularly the neediest. The Laughing Cow wants to get involved as well.

On April 16, some 4,000 employees at 12 Bel Group production sites will dedicate their working day to an essential need: support those who are contributing to the fight against the Covid-19 every day and taking concrete action on the ground with the most exposed populations.

On this day the total world production of Laughing Cow will be one of solidarity devoted to donations (financial or in-kind) which will be given to hospitals and associations in the 20 countries mobilized, to meet the needs that are expressed locally.

In total, almost the equivalent of 20 million portions of The Lauching Cow will be produced on D-Day, enabling countries to form a large chain of international solidarity.

The countries mobilized as part of this international action are naturally France, the cradle of the iconic brand with its factories in Lons le Saunier and Dôle, in Europe: Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and the Czech Republic. North Africa (Morocco and Algeria), the West and Central Africa zone, Egypt, Turkey, the Middle East (Jordan, Saudi Arabia) are also involved as well as the United States, Canada , Ukraine and Vietnam.

In Ukraine

32,700 portions of The Laughing Cow are distributed between:
• Shostka Center for Psychological Rehabilitation of Children;
• Boarding school for the elderly (Voronezh town);
• Shostka Territorial Center for Social Assistance.

Funded for purchase::
• Medical Oxygen Concentrator and 3 patient monitors for the infectious ward of Shostka Central District Hospital;
• 525 FFP-3 antiviral respirators for Shostka doctors and the elderly.

Words of support from Antoine Fievet, Group BEL’s CEO

“In this unprecedented pandemic context, we want to wholeheartedly contribute to the collective effort, through the link which binds The Laughing Cow and families everywhere around the world.
I commend the courage and commitment of our teams who are relentlessly mobilized, and are our solidarity relays. Our brand carries the values of generosity and positive spirit that are so important to share with those most in need in these difficult times”.