A holiday for children with The Laughing Cow!

For over 10 years, Bel Shostka Ukraine has been celebrating Children’s Day on June, 1 with The Laughing Cow holiday for Shostka kids, which takes place in the central square. Youngsters always look forward to it because they know they will have lots of fun and win exciting and delicious prizes!

This year, the holiday continued this tradition, bringing together several hundred children. The Laughing Cow cares about child health and supports healthy lifestyle choices, which is why the festival program included sporting competitions and entertainment, while the kids received delicious and healthy prizes – Cheese Dippers.

Organizers had plenty of wonderful ideas for various relay races, from fairy-tale characters (Ripka, Fox Alice and Cat Basilio, Chicken Ryaba, etc.) to exciting and fun tasks (speed-dressing in aprons, line racing, frog jumping, etc.). Different types of cheese were used as prizes and props as well. One can rest assured that, every pack of The Laughing Cow cheese will remind kids of these sweet memories of summer fun and the good times.

The goal of this holiday was to engage as many little participants as possible. To give kids a little time to rest, cheerleaders performed during breaks between relays and games, making the holiday even brighter and more exciting.

And do not forget about our favorite holiday mascot The Laughing Cow, who closed the event with a dancing flash mob and sent bright balloons into the sky.

Tired and happy, the Shostka children went home, regretting only one thing – having to wait for the next Children’s Day…