Reusable masks for schoolchildren

Support for families with children is one of the most important part of Bel Shostka Ukraine’s social policy. For the second year in a row, as part of the Responsible Family Company project, employees, who have school-age children, receive school kits for their children.

But the Company’s care for families is not limited to this, as life constantly creates new challenges that need to be addressed. Even now, the situation with COVID-19 makes some adjustments to our daily lives and a feature of the current school year is the need for protective masks for schoolchildren.

Therefore, to relieve parents of additional worries, the management of Bel Shostka Ukraine decided to provide the children of the Company’s employees with reusable masks. At the end of October, all Bel Shostka Ukraine’s schoolchildren received sets of three reusable masks, made of high-quality materials, which was confirmed by a certificate of Compliance.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy school year!

We hope that this small gift – a symbol of the Company’s care and attention – will become a reliable protection for our children.