Our Brands celebrate Family Day in Kyiv!

On May, 25, a large-scale Family Day was held at the Kyiv VDNG in honor of the International Family Day. The event was sponsored our brands SyrKhrum and Babybel.

By addressing the needs of the old and young, the organizers created a truly delightful family atmosphere.

The presentation of Cheese Dippers was hosted by The Laughing Cow, who later took pictures with audience members at a designated photo area. Those who posted this vibrant and fun photo on social media received a healthy snack as a gift from the sponsor.

Meanwhile, little participants won prizes for entertaining sports contests such as scooter racing, gym ball jumping, and basketball. It was fun, healthy, and exciting. And there were prizes! “Every day should be like this,” rejoiced the kids.

Babybel-related activities were aimed primarily at familiarizing children and adults with this wonderful cheese, its pleasant flavor, and the exciting stories of its characters. Participants received samples and promotional materials for taking photos in superhero costumes in the Babybel photo area and posting them on social media.

Both children and adults found sculpting Babybel superheroes and face painting masterclasses very entertaining.

And so, the FamilyDay came to its end uncontrived and without notice. Thousands of attendees appreciated the activities, received prizes, and went home happy and satisfied with the holiday.