Meet The Big Redesign of The Laughing Cow and Shostka cheese!

As time goes by, consumer tastes and aesthetic preferences change. So, meet the all-new designs from our brands.

Since October 2019, The Laughing Cow logo features a new perspective and lighting style, without any frames, while the 4 stars symbolize a high level of quality. The new label has a light eco-inspired background and features natural elements such as flowers and herbs to emphasize that the ingredients used in the production of processed cheese are natural. We also address The Laughing Cow’s origins for the first time, pointing out that the brand was founded in France in 1921. Therefore, it has almost a century of history, expertise, and years of experience in processed cheeses production.

Brand «Shostka» is changing as well. The new Shostka logo looks familiar, but the fonts and other elements are now more modern, concise, and minimalist. The logo also indicates the year the plant was founded to emphasize our expertise in cheese production.

The label has also changed. Now, it shows a picture of hard cheese because consumers respect and trust Shostka’s high quality. There is also green grass in the background, emphasizing that the product is natural. The color palette and the overall look of the label remain the same so that loyal consumers can easily find Shostka products on store shelves.

Hopefully, all our new designs will satisfy discerning consumers.