Bel Ukraine – A Friendly Family!

Independence Day is our country’s biggest holiday, so it’s no wonder that everyone is trying to make it meaningful, fun and exciting. On this day, Bel Shostka Ukraine, which upholds and promotes family values, held the traditional Bel Ukraine – Friendly Family Celebration for its employees and their relatives!

All participants, including adults, youngsters, and children, were in for fun and delightful surprises. As always, a wonderfully friendly hostess The Laughing Cow greeted the guests. Every attendee had their picture taken in a bright photo zone (how can you not get a photo, when you are having fun?). Then there were masterclasses, painting our fabulous town, making a Wishing Tree, dancing to Latin music at a sports flash mob, and fun face-painting.

The 8 teams of Bel Shostka Ukraine participated in an extraordinary and exciting quest. For each completed task, a team received stickers, which had to be exchanged for a puzzle at the end. Then, the teams had to put together the Bel Group’s new mission from the puzzles: “To provide healthier and more responsible food choices for all.”

For the first time in the history of the festival, we held a special exhibition, “Masters Vernissage” where our employees presented their artworks and demonstrated their hard-working attitude and creativity. Thanks to their hobbies and crafts, we saw our colleagues in a different light. It was the first exhibition where handmade fans could display their talents. It was also the first time the Company held this event, which is why it was so memorable for everyone involved.

Bel Ukraine – A Friendly Family is a holiday that unites employees into one big family. It allows everyone to show their skills and talents, including athletes, intellectuals, artisans, and children who were very engaged and got most excited about the event. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!