“For All. For Good.” — Bel presents a new corporate identity that reflects the group’s commitment to promoting healthier and more responsible food choices for all.

Today the Bel Group, a major player in the market of healthy snacks, introduced its new corporate identity as part of a profound transformation of its business model and brands. Since sustainable nutrition is a major current challenge for society, the new slogan “For All. For Good.” reflects the Bel Group’s commitment to promoting healthy and responsible food choices for all. From January 2020 and on, all of the Group’s brands will start representing the new mission statement.

The Bel Group’s new identity, logo, and slogan expresses the Company’s determination to make its mission of “Promoting Healthier and Responsible Food Choices for All” the basis of its responsible and profitable business model.

With a 100-year-history as a family-owned company and with cult brands (The Laughing Cow, Kiri, Mini Babybel, Leerdammer, Boursin, and GoGo squeeZ), which are known in over 130 countries, the Bel Group strives to play an essential role in a positive food revolution.

According to Antoine Fievet, Chairman and CEO of the Bel Group, “We have reached a certain limit after five generations of our company history. Today we face the challenge of how to feed the world’s growing population while preserving our planet’s resources. The food business model as we all know it is outdated. It is time to open the road to healthier, more responsible food that is accessible to everyone, and we, food producers, must give real answers. Thanks to our new slogan “For All. For Good.” we are convinced that sustainable and inclusive nutrition is possible by building a positive business model that includes all food industry stakeholders: farmers, producers, retailers, experts, and consumers.”

“For All. For Good” underscores our Company’s firm commitment and ability to delivering brands that are innovative, positive, and meaningful. This adherence to continuous improvement is reflected in the Bel Group’s ambitious undertakings in the areas of nutrition, sustainable agriculture, responsible packaging, reducing environmental impact, and increasing the accessibility of its products. The Bel Group is determined to increase the influence of its brands by offering products that benefit the community and the planet.

The new corporate identity reflects the Bel Group’s mission.

Our new identity reflects the Bel Group’s new positioning in the dairy and fruit snack market. The new logo and slogan represent the Group’s commitment to building a responsible and meaningful corporate brand for the company. The childlike font selected for the tagline “For All. For Good.” is our message to the children and future generations they will become. In doing so, we will promote our values that have guided the Company’s growth throughout its long-standing family history.

Bel Group decided to introduce its new identity on October, 16 to celebrate World Food Day with all its branches and factories around the world. In doing so, it united the efforts of its 12,600 employees to develop a unique, ongoing Group that impacts the world positively. The new Bel Group style was developed by Providence agency.

About The Bel Group

The Bel Group is a globally recognized producer of portioned cheese and a leading player in the market of healthy snacks. The Company’s portfolio consists of famous brands, The Laughing Cow, Kiri, Mini Babybel, Leerdammer, Boursin, Pom´Potes, and GoGo squeeZ, as well as over 20 local brands. Together, these brands helped the Bel Group earn €3.3 billion in 2018.

About 12,600 employees in 30 subsidiaries around the world contribute to the Group’s mission of promoting healthier and more responsible food choices for all. Bel products are manufactured at 32 production sites and distributed in nearly 130 countries.