Celebrating Shostka City Day with a Cheese Fest

Shostka celebrates its City Day with a vibrant gathering of thousands of participants and spectators. Streets, parks, and squares get filled with buzz and positivity, as the holiday spirit embraces everyone to whom this town is native and dear. Our company also participates in the festival, which is significant for the town’s economy and social programs.

CHEESE FEST has traditionally been an integral part of the City Day, which is celebrated on September, It brightly stands out from the mass of various events, because our branded yellow and red balls can be seen from afar. They are like beacons that draw in new attendees to our locations.

We have an abundance of exciting stuff: the friendly Laughing Cow, contests with delicious Cheese Dippers prizes (everyone will get a healthy snack!), a photo zone, surprises from the organizers. This is why Shostka residents and guests of all ages love our holiday and bring their families to see it!

This year, we changed the format of the event by adding sporting competitions at the Kozhedub Park. Many fans gathered there, which made the holiday even more crowded. Therefore, the CHEESE FEST was not just successful. It fulfilled its purpose to unite people and proved that we know how to work and make others smile.