Babybel Protein: New product for trendsetters and sport lovers!

Today, more and more Ukrainians prefer a healthy lifestyle, paying great attention to food. The main current trends of interest to consumers are the healthiest compositions of products without chemical impurities, flavors, and preservatives, low calories for the body, easy to digest, and convenient format that allows you to snack anywhere you want.
Given all the above, we are pleased to present to Ukrainian consumers a new product – Babybel Protein.

So, for young people, leading an active lifestyle, staying fit, and choosing functional products, this one’s just for you.

Babybel Protein has less fat up to 25% calories (vs the classic Babybel, which has 45%), increased protein (50% of the daily norm), and a significant amount of calcium (95% of the daily intake). It has a useful composition – milk, salt, enzymes, yeast, does not contain lactose, and can be stored without a fridge for up to 10 days. For all. For Good 😊

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