Bel Shostka Ukraine

Bel Shostka Ukraine is an integral part of Bel Group, a world-famous processed cheese manufacturer.

The beginning

Shostka dairy plant was built in 1981. At first, it consisted of a whole-milk section and a small cheese-making facility.

Creating the Shostka brand

While gradually expanding the product range, the plant started focusing its production on hard cheese. In 2005, the company created and launched the Shostka brand.

How the French story came to Ukraine

In 2007, the Bel Group acquired the facilities of the dairy plant, sensing that this Ukrainian company and the market had great potential. It also sought to strengthen its position in Eastern Europe.

Processed cheese manufacturing

In 2008, the company started producing processed cheese under the Bel Group’s international brand The Laughing Cow, which is represented in 130 countries. The products are successful and have leading positions in the Ukrainian market of processed block cheese.

Bel Shostka Ukraine today

Bel Shostka Ukraine is a part of the Bel Group, a world-famous portioned cheese manufacturer. Product quality has always been its top priority. It is ensured not only by high-tech laboratories, state-of-the-art equipment, and comprehensive technology control but also by investing in a raw material division. Today, Bel Shostka Ukraine produces Shostka hard and processed cheese, The Laughing Cow processed cheese, as well as imports and distributes Mini Babybel, Kiri, Leerdammer, and SyrKhrum.