Leerdammer — a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor

Leerdammer is an authentic Dutch cheese. With its nutty notes, perfect texture, and high quality, Leerdammer has become the world's second-largest brand of sliced cheese.


It all began in 1914 with a simple cheese-making creamery in Schoonrewoerd, a few miles from the village of Leerdam. The small business constantly improved its processes and product quality, while amassing expertise and the best Dutch cheese-making practices. In 1974, by experimentally combining Gouda and Emmental, the Schoonrewoerd cheesemakers created a new type of cheese with a nutty flavor and big holes. In 2002, the Leerdammer brand joined the Bel Group. It became famous for its legendary flavor and unusual advertising, while technology and fun are at the core of its philosophy.

Leerdammer today

Leerdammer was one of the first brands to started selling packed cheese slices for ideal sandwiches. The product range also includes cheese squares, traditional slices, Caractère cheese with specialty flavors, grated cheese and more. Leerdammer is especially popular in France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Leerdammer in the world

Cheese brand in Germany
The second most popular brand of sliced cheese in the world
European countries enjoy Leerdammer
manufacturing plants
(3 in the Netherlands)

Leerdammer products in Ukraine:

1/4 WHEEL – 3.2 KG

This natural cheese with a rich nutty flavor and creamy texture is perfect for the whole family and any occasion. It is rich in calcium and protein and also vegetarian-friendly since it is lactose-free (less than 0.01g/100g).

Convenient for quick sandwiches, cheese dishes, and simple delicious snacks. Vegetarian-friendly and lactose-free (less than 0.01g/100g).

For true cheese connoisseurs. Impressive, intense flavor and rich nutty notes. Perfect for sandwiches as well as hot dishes. Vegetarian-friendly and lactose-free (less than 0.01g/100g).

Contains less fat and calories than Original (52 calories per slice). Trademark Leerdammer flavor. Vegetarian-friendly and lactose-free (less than 0.01g/100g).

Did you know?

Leerdammer was formerly named Schoonrewoerd after the small town where it was made. However, Schoonrewoerd was a difficult name to pronounce, so the owners of the creamery decided to name the cheese after another town – Leerdam. It was a sensible decision because Leerdammer had always wanted to go far and become popular all over the world.