Kiri – a mysterious little square that tastes like childhood

Kiri holds a special place in the lives of little foodies. It is the first cheese made specially for children. Kiri is a part of your childhood that you will love for the rest of your life.


No one had thought about making kid-friendly cheese until 1966 when the Bel plant in the French region of Sartes started making Kiri, which became a huge success. First, delicious little squares found their way into the lunchboxes and the hearts of French children and, soon, youngsters from all over the world. Meanwhile, funny Kiri commercials set a fresh and poetic tone for the brand.

Kiri today

Kiri has a wide range of products that appeal to consumers around the world. From Kiri Goûter with crispy breadsticks for dipping to Kiri Labneh. Kiri is very popular worldwide, with the highest sales are in the Middle East, and Japan as a top-four largest consumer. It is so delicious that it continues to win the hearts of youngsters, as well as adults, for whom Kiri remains the favorite taste of childhood.

Kiri in Ukraine

Kiri is an exceptional, soft cheese, consisting of 77% fresh cream cheese, which makes it a natural source of calcium. Delicious Kiri squares entered the Ukrainian market in 2009. Thanks to the gentle cheesy flavor that reminds of childhood, it immediately became a fan-favorite among Ukrainians.

Did you know?

Everyone loves to eat Kiri in their own way. In Japan, the strawberry flavor is popular with adults. In Lebanon, they love to eat Kiri Labneh-style, which is spicier. In the Middle East, Kiri has an oily texture. It is packed in jars for easy spreading at breakfast.