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The La Vache qui rit (The Laughing Cow) brand was founded by Leon Bel and officially registered on April 16, 1921 in France. According to the French Patent Institute, The Laughing Cow® is the first registered cheese brand!

Being an absolutely new brand for the French market, La Vache qui rit opened a new era in cheese consumption due to its original recipe which combined a unique taste and soft creamy texture. The French TM La Vache qui rit is a real international brand now sold in over 120 countries worldwide: from Northern Africa to the United States of America, from Great Britain to Japan, from Africa to Australia.

In each country La Vache qui rit has its name translated in the local language. La Vache qui rit® - in France, Vesela Krava® -- in the Czech Republic, Krowka Smieszka® -- in Poland, La vaca que ri® -- in Spain, A vaca que ri® -- in Portugal, Con bo cuoi® -- in Vietnam, ® -- in Ukraine!


Vesela Korivka prepared a new glass-shaped package specially for our processed cheese fans. It makes it very convenient to bring the cheese with you to work. Also, the soft consistence of the product, made of high-quality ingredients – hard pressed cheese, butter, milk and minced green vegetables, allows to easily spread it on a bread or even eat with a spoon.

By the results of an independent testing conducted by the Center for Independent Consumer Expertise "TEST", the cheese "La Vache Qui Rit Cream" in a round box, in tub and in block, got the rate "Excellent" by all tested  parameters in March 2011 ( 

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