The Shostka brand was registered in 2005. For a relatively short period of time Shostka brand has become one of the largest and most popular in the Ukrainian market. Ukrainian consumers of hard cheese characterize the brand as the one that has high quality proven by time and pleasant taste. Shostka is the tastiest cheeses by inspired professionals.

Shostka brand includes hard cheeses, processed cheese, fresh cheese and butter.

Shostka hard cheese

Shostka hard cheeses are made with love by inspired professionals. Ukrainian consumers choose Shostka products because of their high quality and good taste.

Shostka rosiykiy cheese






Hard cheese "Rytsar"

"Rytsar" is a natural rennet cheese with a warm taste of baked milk. The cheese is filled with a summer sun. It has pliant texture and rich yellow color. In section – an image of irregular shaped slit-like holes in form of a “fine petinet”. Delicate spice and savory accent of baked milk makes cheese the best choice for a light and nutritive breakfast or for a fast nosh with tee or coffee in the middle of a busy working day.







Shostka processed cheese

Shostka processed cheese is produced only from high quality hard cheeses and keeps all taste attributes of the hard cheese (piquancy, intensive creamy taste and the natural cheese aroma). Combination of rich taste and bouncy texture makes this cheese a good "assistant" in creating tasty dishes.

 Shostka processed cheese






Yantar processed cheese

Yantar processed cheese by Shostka has a delicious creamy taste. Its soft creamy consistence allows you to easily spread it on a bread and than enjoy it with a tubs of your favorite tea. A handy glass-shaped package, sealed with a foil lid, keeps the product fresh for a long time. The benefit of a small 90-gramm portion is that every breakfast you get a fresh cheese. Enjoy your meal!



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Head Office: BC Horizon Park, 4, Grinchenka Street, Kiev, Ukraine,, tel./fax: +38(05449) 4 28 45, +38(05449) 4 28 50
Production facilities address: 27-A, Rodyny Kryvonosiv street, Shostka, Sumy region, Ukraine,
Client relations department: tel.: +38(05449) 4 28 60, fax: +38(05449) 4 28 51