With Belcube cheese

Mini Aperitif corniottes

Preparation  Preparation: 30 min

Cooking  Cooking: 20 min

Cost  Cost: low cost

How many people  How many people: 4

Ingredients  Ingredients:

- Puff pastry
-  Belcube cheese

Mini Aperitif corniottes


- Use a pastry cutter, cut a half-moon or circular piece of dough from a puff pastry disk

- Place a Belcube of your choice in the center

- Lift up the edges of the dough on three side to form a tricorn shape, pinch the dough together to close

- Place the corniottes on a baking tray

- Bake at gas mark 7 (210C) for approximately 20 minutes (check the products regularly during baking)

- Leave to cool and enjoy warm


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