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 September 12 French Institute celebrated 20 years in Ukraine. Of course, Vesela Korivka could not miss such an important event as one of the world's most famous French brand with nearly a century history! LaVachequirit  (LVQR)- this is how called Vesela Korivka in their home country - France. Throughout the day, guests were receiving holiday gifts from our brand Vesela Korivka, were meetings, presentations, training programs of the French Institute, live music, sale of French books, workshops and games for children, etc.

 On September 3, the City Day in Shostka, Bel Shostka Ukraine celebrated Cheese Festival for the 7-th time. 

Kids and adults attended the event. All were united by our love for cheese. Locals were waiting rich competitive and entertaining program. As always, there was no boredom on the Cheese Festival. Funny contests interspersed with performances of children's creative dancing groups of the city. In a competition was attended represent ants of sports club "Invasport", which brings together people with disabilities. In addition, there was a competition of strongmen. The participant had to take on the hand a girl  who holding head cheese and sit as many times as possible. Many children took part in the different contest during Cheese Festival. Traditionally, all participants awarded prizes from Bel Shostka Ukraine.


Once again, for a few years in succession, "Bel Shostka Ukraine" invites Shostka kids to celebrate International Children's Day together. It became a good tradition here to celebrate the beginning of summer break at the "Vesela Korivka" (the "LVQR") outdoor party that always gathers many boys and girls of all ages.

This year the kids enjoyed a wonderful concert and entertainment, including performances by creative groups from the Center of aesthetic education. As a part of the event, children took part in exciting contests, such as crafting a cheese "hedgehog", competing in teams on who can gather branded mittens into the “LVQR” apron the fastest, or caring a huge pack of delicious cream cheese; wrote the "Bel" Group slogan, "Sharing  smile", with their feet, and many more...

Traditionally, the very LVQR visited kids to dance her funny and cheerful dance, read poems and entertain the audience.

Another nice feature of the event was the fact that none of the participants left without a present, as the "Bel Shostka Ukraine" has prepared a few hundred of different souvenirs and gifts for them.

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