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  Laughing Cow became younger, it is laughing more now. The logo became modern and more dynamic. The new logo will accompany products made by Group all over the world. 

It is a unique product having no analogues at the market of Ukraine and opening a new category – cheese snacks.

Pik & Croq is a harmonious combination of delicate plain processed cheese with crispy breadsticks.

Besides, Pik & Croq has a handy format and an original packaging that is a mini-box made of two sections – tubs, where processed cheese is in one box and crispy sticks in the other.

Pik & Croq is a tasty snack that will do in any place and in all circumstances. No matter where you are, at work or at school or university, at home or on the trip, Pik & Croq is a nice opportunity to give yourself a minute of pleasure and enjoy a delicious and healthy product.

Dip crispy breadsticks into delicate cheese, scrunch and repeat it again! Mmm, how delicious they are!

On June 1, Children’s Day, there was celebration of a traditional Laughing Cow children’s holiday that has been organized by our company for many years. 
Children were smiling all the time. Surely, as the assistants of Laughing Cow were favorite among children cartoon characters Fixiki (Fixies) – Simka and Nulik. Children enjoyed various competitions where they had to show not only their skills and quick wits, but creativity as well.
The participants with the help of processed cheese and party picks made a “Cheese Cactus”, built a “Cheese House”, learnt to write like chicken scratch, helped the Laughing Cow bell get its voice back, sang songs and danced together with young performers of creative groups of the city.    
Children got not only positive emotions but also lots of presents from Laughing Cow. The “tasty” part of the presents was “utilized” by children at once. According to participants of the holiday, processed cheese Laughing Cow is a favourite delicacy you are never tired of as there are various tastes: “Plain”, “Garlic and Herbs”, “Ham”, “Tomato” and “Tvorozhnyi”.
By tradition in the final part of the holiday, there were air balloons flown in the air and there were promises given to meet again at the bright Laughing Cow holiday. 


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