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 The III family festival Family Day was held on  May 21 in Kyiv in partnership with Bel Shostka Ukraine. 

At the festival, there was a Family Smiles playground from Laughing Cow with various activities for children and grown-ups. They could play a cheerful “Veseli Bukvy” (“Funny Letters”) game, make photos against a family “photo frame”, and have fun on soft modules in “Teremok”.

Laughing Cow warmly welcomed the guests of the event. Everybody coming to the Family Smiles playground got presents from Bel Shostka Ukraine – a sticker, a mask, an air ball…
More than 30 thousand people participated in the III family festival “Family Day”.  There were masterclasses, competitions, quizzes, games and presentations.  

This year again our company participated in French Spring – a festival held in Ukraine since 2004. It is traditionally celebrated during April in different cities. 

The festival opened on April 2 with bright light show that took place in Kyiv at European Square. As a part of French Spring, there were a lot of artistic and cultural events such as concerts, theater performances, presentations of films, books, exhibitions… 
It was impossible to do without French cuisine. A well-known culinary expert Mathieu Arden  gave a master class.
It is interesting Bel Shostka Ukraine became a cheese partner of French Spring. It is not the first time our company took part in the festival.  It is organized by French Institute in Ukraine (Iinstitut francais Ukraine).

 At the end of the Autumn, customers can taste new products from our company – hard cheese  “Gouda and Hollandiya ” . Hollandiya” is one of the most famous varieties of cheese, in Ukraine it    takes place  2 after Rossiyskiy cheese.

Slightly sweet taste and creamy cheesy flavor of this cheese gives the dish a special flavor. Gouda cheese is also very demanded. This cheese combines soft lactic flavor and subtle aroma cheese. For the cheese production we use traditional and natural ingredients. We work and focus on the consumer. As always, our company guarantees high quality and safety of their products. Bon appetit!

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