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Ukrainian Championship and All-Ukrainian Trampolining (tumbling) Competition took part in Henichesk of Kherson region. 

Acrobats from many regions of our country took part in the competition. There were also pupils of Shostka Youth Sports School “Barsa” among the sportsmen taken part in the prestigious completion. Young Shostka inhabitants properly represented our town and region having won 5 medals: two “golds”, one “silver” and two “bronzes”. Bel Shostka Ukraine supported young sportsmen taken part in the prestigious competition. Happy children’s smiles and their victory are the main award for us inspiring and motivating to go further! 

In May the first French job fair organized by CCIFU was held in Kyiv at the Olympic National Sports Complex.

At present CCIFU is made up of 120 companies of different business types: from large international enterprises to medium-sized and small ones. Our company participated in this event too. During the exhibition, we presented information about Bel Group and our plant, prospective projects, opportunities for professional growth in Bel Shostka Ukraine. 



In May 2017 Consumer Products Testing Research and Development Center “Test” tested Rossiskyi cheese. Among the samples there was Rossiskyi cheese of TM Shostka made by Bel Shostka Ukraine. Our cheese got excellent ratings for all characteristics tested. For more details of Rossiskyi cheese type testing, please visit the website

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