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Hard cheese Rossiskyi is No 1 among all hard cheeses for Ukrainians. It was important for us to have the favourite cheese of the country checked by independent experts. That’s why we agreed to participate in Dobryi Znak project and to confirm high quality of our products once again. We are proud hard cheese Rossiskyi Klasychnyi of TM SHostka is the first hard cheese in Ukraine checked for safety and quality in this way and given Dobryi Znak mark. Our consumers can feel certain they make a right choice when they choose Rosiskyi Klasychnyi of TM Shostka.  

National Klimentev Sheptyskyi Architecture and Household Museum in Lviv, Public Organization “Guild of Private Bakers and Confectioners of Lviv Region” held Bread Holiday -2017 on the 10th of September. And can you imagine a bread holiday without cheese? Bel Shostka Ukraine is a cheese partner and an active participant of the event. All visitors of the festival had a possibility to taste Bel Shostka products. 

By tradition, on the 3rd of September, on Shostka Town Day, there was Cheese Holiday held by Bel Shostka Ukraine. There were competitions for everybody and to fit every taste. And surely, audience saw a big concert.

There was an interesting family competition. Every family-participant was to make a sandwich for breakfast in 5 minutes and to present it palatably. Five teams contested the victory and all of them got prizes.

They couldn’t also do without a traditional strongmen contest that always enjoys great popularity. As usual, the task was both simple and difficult at the same time – a participant was to lift up at arm’s length a cheese wheel of 8 kg the highest number of times. And this cheese wheel of tasty Shostka cheese was the capital prize. 
For the first time at the Cheese holiday there was a karaoke contest. The participants were to sing well-known and favorite songs but the words were slightly changed, all songs were about Shostka cheese.
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