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Bel Shostka Ukraine presented a BRIGHT CHEESE HOLIDAY to Shostka inhabitants ON THE CITY DAY.

Every year Bel Shostka Ukraine takes part in celebrations of the Day of Shostka, the city we work in.
Vesela Korivka (Laughing Cow) was an unmistakable symbol of the holiday, it danced together with the others on the stage, supported people in competitions, gave out the presents.
Shostka inhabitants took part in sport competitions and relays with pleasure. You could see a battle of strongmen on the stage:  men and boys lifted a big cheese wheel competing in number of liftings.
Boys and girls teams competed in “cheese” relays: they would collect processed cheese blocks into a bucket stooping down to pick them up with a big ball on their bellies or transfer big cheese portions molds on their heads. A competition when men were to put baseball caps with LVQR logo on different women from the crowd was especially exciting!
A batch of processed cheese, two cheese wheels were presented to the competitions winners, and all participants got stimulating prizes.
Cheerful animators walking on stilts gave out air balloons with our logo to the guests. You could see a holiday photo shoot session from the Laughing Cow and PJSC Bel Shostka Ukraine. All those who wished were glad to take pictures in a special photography area. 
At the end of the festivities a large number of yellow coloured (like cheese) air balls with Bel Shostka Ukraine logo flew skywards. 

In September in Lviv there were many thousands of visitors gathered to celebrate the Bread Day organized by Bakers and Confectioners Guild. It’s one of the biggest theme events in the city of Lviv. 

As a part of the fest, there was a big trade fair organized with a plenty of bread: fancy loaves, round loaves, white bread loaves, knot-shaped biscuits, crescent rolls. There was a baker’s procession, a flash mob, a show for children, a concert program. Our products were presented there not for the first time, as everybody knows: bread and cheese – it is tasty! Especially if it Shostka cheese. At the fest you could also try cheese balls, a new product produced under TM Shostka.
You could also see a photo area “Monstroholod” (Monster Hunger) and Vesela Korivka (Laughing Cow) entertaining people there. Organizers noticed activity and organizing skills of our company representatives. They have invited PJSC Bel Shostka Ukraine to participate in the Bread Day next year as well. 

In September in Sumy there was a festival «Sumy Extreme Style» held. Its main purpose was to demonstrate alternative types of culture and to draw attention to informal hobbies of youth. 

As a part of the festival, there were competitions in BMX bikes riding, in streetball, bakers and computer games fans tournaments…  Young graffiti artists showed their skills too. There were 120 participants in «Sumy Extreme Style» from different regions of the country. 

The prize winners were extreme sportsmen from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava… 

Bel Shotka Ukraine gave them tasty prizes. The audience could also taste SyrKhrum (Syr a Crup). 

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