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In May 2017 Consumer Products Testing Research and Development Center “Test” tested Rossiskyi cheese. Among the samples there was Rossiskyi cheese of TM Shostka made by Bel Shostka Ukraine. Our cheese got excellent ratings for all characteristics tested. For more details of Rossiskyi cheese type testing, please visit the website

  Laughing Cow became younger, it is laughing more now. The logo became modern and more dynamic. The new logo will accompany products made by Group all over the world. 

It is a unique product having no analogues at the market of Ukraine and opening a new category – cheese snacks.

Pik & Croq is a harmonious combination of delicate plain processed cheese with crispy breadsticks.

Besides, Pik & Croq has a handy format and an original packaging that is a mini-box made of two sections – tubs, where processed cheese is in one box and crispy sticks in the other.

Pik & Croq is a tasty snack that will do in any place and in all circumstances. No matter where you are, at work or at school or university, at home or on the trip, Pik & Croq is a nice opportunity to give yourself a minute of pleasure and enjoy a delicious and healthy product.

Dip crispy breadsticks into delicate cheese, scrunch and repeat it again! Mmm, how delicious they are!

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