Brand MiniBabybel is enjoyed by its consumers since 1977. Cheese MiniBabybel is produced in a small town Evron in France. One billion portions of MiniBabybel are consumed annually around the world. Today this brand is one of the most successful brands in the world. The brand's popularity is explained by the unique innovative technology of its production. The natural semi-hard cheese is made into convenient portions each of which is packed in red wax which preserves the nutritious components of this tasty cheese.



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Head Office: BC Horizon Park, 4, Grinchenka Street, Kiev, Ukraine,, tel./fax: +38(05449) 4 28 45, +38(05449) 4 28 50
Production facilities address: 27-A, Rodyny Kryvonosiv street, Shostka, Sumy region, Ukraine,
Client relations department: tel.: +38(05449) 4 28 60, fax: +38(05449) 4 28 51