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The educational project Healthy child – Healthy nutrition is a special course which is implemented in more than 200 schools across Ukraine and is aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition among school children.

The project is a part of the corporate social responsibility of Bel Shostka Ukraine and is created by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Institute of Information technology and training NAPS of Ukraine, as well as the charitable organization Center for Consumer Initiatives.

The project Healthy child – Healthy nutrition is offered to pupils of 3-4 and 5-7 grades. Top experts – teachers, professors and nutritionists - have developed a training manual for teachers, guidelines for implementing curriculum and workbook for students (grades 3-4 and 5-7).

2011 summed up first. The most active students and teachers received gifts. Kids liked the lessons and the teachers found the course interesting and useful. Healthy child – Healthy nutrition continues and develops.

2012 The course is taught in more than 200 schools in Ukraine. It was decided to create teaching materials for high school students.

2013 starts Healthy Lesson, interactive part of the educational project Healthy child – Healthy nutrition. The purpose of the project is to show the lessons in schools throughout Ukraine to the ones who are involved and to the public.

During 2013 a line-up of famous personalities from the world of media, show business, sports and healthy nutrition will visit schools all over Ukraine. Stars will share their experience and knowledge of balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Funny and interesting moments from the open classes can be found in the section Healthy Lessons, subsection Photos and Videos. No smile or raised hand managed to hide from our cameras.

And most importantly is that all the students who participated in the open classes, their parents and teachers can find their photos and share their experience in a social group in VKontakte.

Work book for children

Teacher's manual


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