Interesting facts about cheese


  •    There is a tradition in Switzerland to make a wheel of cheese when a boy is born, and then eat this cheese on his wedding day.
  • The British Queen Victoria (1837- 1901) got a huge wheel of Cheddar cheese (over 500 kg) as a wedding gift.
  •    In Germany during a bride-show a potential bride gets a cheese as a present. If she tears off the cheese rind, she is not neat. If she cuts the rind, she is wasteful. Only the girl who accurately scrapes the cheese rind, is neat and thrifty.
  • In some Caucasian countries cheese with a strong smell is regarded as an aphrodisiac. That is why you can always find it on a wedding table.
  •  Ancient Romans, who knew how to make cheese, used it as an antidote.
  • Scientists made a conclusion that people who consume a lot of cheese, suffer less from cardiovascular diseases. For example, in Great Britain the mortality level from cardiovascular diseases is three times higher than in France, while the level of cheese consumption is three times lower.  
  • There were times when cheese was not only a food product. Ancient people used it for fortune-telling together with eggs, ivy, bones, lamb liver, fig-leaf and coffee grounds.  
  •  In the Middle Ages a “charmed” bread with cheese was given to a suspected person. If he choked while eating, he was regarded guilty.
  • Two-three centuries ago at the British fleet hard cheese wheels were used as cannonballs. Of course when iron balls were over.  
  • To make one kilogram of cheese you need about 10 liters of cow or goat milk.
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